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Taos Ski Valley: An Ernie Blake Story

The now legendary founder of Taos Ski Valley, was nothing if not eccentric and funny. One of the longtime ski instructors, told the following story about Ernie.

In the 1970's, when streaking was almost commonplace at public events, Ernie was in the control room at TSV when a call came in reporting that two people were streaking bare ass down Al's Run (Grand Central Station at TSV). Ernie got out his Steiner binoculars and stared out the window for a few seconds, then pressed the walkie-talkie and, in his Teutonic- accented English, said "There are a couple of people skiing naked down Al's Run. When they get to the bottom, throw the guy off the mountain. Give the woman a season pass."

Aqui en Taos: enforcing land use regulations

Taos enters 20th century as local officials and courts enforce land use regulation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Aqui en Taos: Market Forces

A friend asked a local merchant for item he had purchased before and was told it was so popular that they could not keep it in stock. So, they discounted the item.

When I told the story to friend who grew up in Taos, he got it right away. "Didn't want to piss anyone off."

Save-The-Melting Adobe

Taos adobe rehab Posted by Hello

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Entering Taos

Horseshoe Curve aka Taos Valley Overlook Posted by Hello

One of the most dramatic entries into a U.S. town with a panorama of the Rio Grande Gorge and Taos Mountain, treasured by locals and visitors. Thanks to the hard work of the Trust for Public Land-New Mexico in trading public, private and Native American lands, the Horseshoe Curve is now under federal protection.

20-Ton Machine Mows Down Rumsfeld's Fence

Not-A-Political Statement